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Saturday, January 14, 2017

National Sisters in Crime

What is the national Sisters in Crime organization about – what does it

The national Sisters in Crime organization sets the mission and vision and articulates
five-year strategic plans to determine priorities for spending, sponsoring, supporting the
membership. The web site is a great place to check out what is happening, and see how
you might fit in. Members of chapters are required to be members of national, too, so
they get the full benefit of networking, industry alerts, and special opportunities such as
the recent call for authors who are interested to submit published books for the
Smashwords thumb drive giveaway at Bouchercon.

Every year, all the members vote on a slate of officers. We meet, mostly by phone, during
the year, and vote on a number of chapter proposals for grant funds and other issues
affecting the members.

Here’s some background taken off the web site (

SinC was founded in 1986 and is now 3600 members strong in 48 chapters world-wide,
offering networking, advice and support to mystery authors. We are authors, readers,
publishers, agents, booksellers and librarians bound by our passion for the mystery
genre and our support of women who write mysteries.

Mission: Promote the ongoing advancement, recognition and professional
development of women crime writers.

Vision: Serve as the voice for excellence & diversity in crime writing.

Values: Values are the guiding principles embraced by the SinC team.

• Promote respect and embrace diversity
• Continue our non-hierarchical tradition
• Support members along the publishing continuum
• Advocate for women crime writers
• Cultivate a positive presence within the crime writing community
• Educate and inspire
• Foster integrity and ethics
• Celebrate writing excellence

Goals: Some organizations consider goals as their core competencies. After input to the
facilitator and extensive first day discussions, the board set four goal areas or core

Membership Growth, Retention & Value Creation

Chapter Relations

The Voice of the Industry & Promotion of the Profession

Educational Excellence

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