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Monday, January 2, 2017

A Review by Terrell Byrd

California’s Deadliest Women: Dangerous Dames and Murderous Moms

By David Kulczyk

During the holiday season I watch uplifting shows and read books with group hugs and happily ever after. Well usually I do, but this year is different. I picked up Kulczyk’s (pronounced Coal-check) latest edgy history of killers and victims in California. There are no happy endings in the twenty-eight tales in this volume. There is a lot of blood, senseless death and truly crazed females, but no heroines, true love or redemption.

This book is the closest thing to a bag of potato chips for the mind I have come across in a long time. I told myself, I would just read one. Or two. And there I was half an hour later cooking dinner while I read just one more. And then eating with the paperback in one hand and a fork in the other. After a while I was at the bibliography and couldn’t believe I had wolfed the whole thing. But I did!

Perhaps the most powerful takeaway from this book is that murderesses, if I may use an old-fashioned word, are still relatively uncommon (although there are more in this generation than before). Kulczyk states that he started with under a hundred really proven cases of hands on murder by women in our state. He used various factors to sort through and picked out the stories that showed real intention to take the life of another with no remorse for the deed.

An interesting nonfiction read containing more real evil than a Stephen King novel. Recommended.

Saturday, Jan 7, 2017. 10AMou will get the opportunity to meet David Kulczek and purchase his book if you attend San Joaquin Sisters in Crime January 7, 2017 meeting at 10 a.m. 

Yosemite Falls Restaurant, on Ashlan, Westside of 99.

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  1. Wow Terrell... would love to read this. Thanks for your review!