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Monday, January 9, 2017

California's Deadliest Women by David Kulczyk

David Kulczyk regaled us before lunch with tales of the most horrible women murdered in California history. He was worried about telling gory details before we ate--he had no idea how many gory tales we've heard at our meetings over the years.

He said that some of these women had no choice--others had everything and were just downright evil.

He told us that four doctors' wive killed their husband, and about a twin who killer her sister and had no remorse afterwards.

None of these tales have happy endings. And for most of these people, he feels that it's almost better to let them rot in prison.

Some of his stories were familiar, some not.

You can get his book from Amazon.

Blurb: We like to think of women as nurturers, not murderers, but women do kill. California’s Deadliest Women is the definitive guide to the murderesses of the Golden State, a horrifying compendium of women driven to kill by jealousy, greed, desperation, or their own inner demons. From Brynn Hartman, who killed her husband, comedian Phil Hartman, to chemist Larissa Shuster, who dissolved her husband in acid, to dominatrix Omaima Aree Nelson, who cooked and ate her husband, the 28 women profiled in California’s Deadliest Women show that the fairer sex can be as evil―and as deadly―as any man.

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