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Monday, February 16, 2015

Two of the Past Presidents of San Joaquin Sisters in Crime

Jo Ann Lucas and Cora Ramos

Over the years, we've had many presidents of the SJ chapter of Sisters in Crime. Some served longer than others, but all did a wonderful job.

The two former presidents pictured, Jo Ann Lucas and Cora Ramos, were the only ones who attended our latest regular meeting which was advertised as a Presidential Day.

The room was artfully decorated in red, white and blue.

One of our guests, Catriona McPherson, is this year's president of Sisters in Crime International. (You can read more about her if you scroll down through the blogs and also Simon Wood who appeared with her and is the Publicity Chair for Sisters in Crime.)

Terrel Byrd is our president now.

Keep watching this blog for information about our next meeting.

Some personal information about each of our special members, no don't panic, it's just some tidbits I know:

I met Jo Ann for the first time at the organizational meeting for this chapter. She always wears the greatest jewelry, and most especially her earrings.

I met Cora the first time when she was my roommate at the first Bouchercon I ever attended--it was in Monterey. JoAnn was there too. Cora and I were invited to a breakfast at a Bed and Breakfast where me met publisher Margo Powers and several other mystery writers.

Anyone else want to share something about JoAnn or Cora?


  1. The three of us pulled together "Valley Fever: Where Murder Is Contagious." They were short stories, most of which were Dead Bird entries. We attended many conventions together and had many adventures.

  2. Both JoAnne and Cora are always ready to encourage and support other writers.
    Two past presidents (Su Rosenthal and Carrie Padgett) could not attend - we are grateful for their service to San Joaquin Sisters in Crime and thought of them that day, as well as our two presidents who have lead the way in exploring the mysteries that lie beyond this life.