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Monday, February 9, 2015

Simon Wood and Catriona McPherson a Hit!

What a treat! We had the president of Sisters in Crime International, Catriona McPherson and the Publicity Chair, Simon Wood as Special Guests at our regular meeting.

What a special meeting it was!

We were celebrating SinC President's Day and had two former presidents of our San Joaquin Chapter on hand too. Everything was decorated for president's day and we had lots of surprises.

We also learned that The Society of the Coveted Dead Bird has a website to promote our annual writing contest:
Catriona delighted us with her wonderful accent as she read a bit from her books, A Deadly Measure. and The Day She Died.

In case you didn't know, Simon also has a wonderful accent, and he talked about writing his new stand-alone, The One That Got Away. 

He explained that the inspiration for this one was "survivor guilt' and PTSD.

When working on a book he likes to do personal interviews and also visit the places where things are going to happen and at the time they will happen.

He coniders his writing as a 9 to 5 or 6 job.

It was a delight to hear both of them talk about their books and how they write.

Submitted by Marilyn Meredith


  1. Great picture and post, Marilyn! It was fun.

  2. I haven't seen Simon Wood since I left the Central Valley of California in 2007 and stopped going to the Fresno Sisters in Crime meetings. I have his book of short stories, Working Stiffs. Glad to see he's writing novels now and one is coming out next month. I noticed he'd added a novela too. I'll have to check around online to see what he's been up to. I've seen information on Catriona McPherson's books on other blogs and they look interesting. Thank you for letting me see who's visiting an my old stomping-grounds. I felt like I was there. Noticed the Coveted Dead Bird contest is still going strong.