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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Chilled to the Bones by Linda L. Kane

I began writing Chilled to the Bones on the idea I wanted to teach kids about the American Revolution. Somehow, Chilled morphed into a book with ghosts, vampires, and yes, information about the brave men and women of the American Revolution, including the spy Agent 355 who brought down Benedict Arnold.

Linda Kane takes her readers on an adventurous thriller and chilling ride through the small town of Setauket, New York where four high school friends find themselves embroiled in a historical mystery more than a century old. Secret codes, murder, and lurking evil lead them to the point of almost no return. This page turner is just the beginning of a great series!


"What's up, man? Joe hollered. "Something in your way?"
"Yeah, there's something in my way all right. I've unearthed a piled of bones."
"Bones? What kind of bones?"
"Bones, human bones with a skull."
"Oh, my god!" the workers yelled in unison as they scrambled off their paint buckets and slid down the embankment of the hole Warren was peering into.
Trevor picked up a long tree root and nudged the skull. It rolled over, and empty sockets stared back, vacant and weathered by time. The backhoe had cst the rest of the bones adrift in the dirt. They were a strange dirty tan color, and the hinges of the arms and legs were bulbous. He leaned down to investigate them more closely.
Several hundred years and the right soil conditions for the fungus that had settled in the buried bones propagated a walking terror. Trevor was the one chosen as the host for that terror. What was left ot the other workers' bodies was disposed of, and darkness fell. 

Krullstone Publishing

Linda L. Kane MA in Education, PPS, School Psychologist, and Learning Disability Specialist, is the author of The Black Madonna, Doogledums in Dystopia, Icelandia, Katterina Ballerina, Cowboy Jack and Buddy Save Santa, and Chilled to the Bones. The Daisy Murphy Mysteries. She lives with her husband and three dogs and six horses in California.