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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Terrific Meeting Today!

If  you missed the San Joaquin Sisters in Crime meeting today, you did certainly miss out.

Myrl Stebbens  described what it was like gathering evidence to help the defense attorney with his case.

He reiterated that all the TV shows with CSI are entertaining but aren't anything like what really goes on. No crime labs exist like the ones on these shows.

He gave us some rather surprising news--sometimes cops lie on their reports, putting someone in jail who ins't guilty, and it's up to him to discover those lies.

Stebbens reads the reports and goes over everything looking for discrepancies and conflicting statements. He and the attorney always go to the crime scene to check it out. Both he and the attorney are fighting for the clients.

Stebbens said he gathers buckets of shit (evidence) and gives it to the defense attorney to decide what he can use.

Defense Attorney Mugridge discussed the problems he faces as the defense attorney.

He said the constitution is being tweaked by the government. What is being said is that a person is being judged by a jury of peers--but the constitution says, that the accused should be judged by an impartial jury, one that is open-minded.

A large percentage of the people don't realize how important it is to have a criminal defense.

Not all criminal attorneys do a good job, no one judges them.

He gave some really interesting examples of people he's defended. He says he must do the best he can to defend the person.

He never asks, "Did you do it?" Some confess who aren't guilty

This was a meeting well-worth attending--and the food was great.

And by the way, I got some ideas for my next book.  Through the years, I've gathered many ideas for plots for my books.


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