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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ten Things You DIDN'T Need to Know About Me! by Diane Adamson, Our June Speaker

#1:          I asked my 82 year-old-mother if she was a virgin when she met my father.
                I’ve never been hesitate in asking intriguing questions.  Besides, I’d heard my mother had a pretty serious boyfriend before my father (who she married at 18).  Hadn’t she been shaking her naughty finger at me all my teenage-hood warning “Be a good girl.”

#2:          I’ve said I was a great many things in life before I became those things in life. I told everyone I was a journalist before getting a job at a small Oregon newspaper. I told everyone I was a writer before believing I was one. There’s a saying, “Act as If.”  Way before I’d heard the saying, I was already practicing, “Tell as If.”

#3.          My second grade teacher, Mrs. Whitaker, said I was such a good liar, I should be a writer.
I remember telling such a whopper in my second grade class’s show-an-tell that it took more than a month to get away from the lie. Dang Mrs. Whitaker, every show-an-tell she’d call my name and say… “Tell us more about the….”

#4.          Most of my characters come from my real life.  Yes, Dahlia is one of those characters!

#5.          None of my villains come from my real life. Thank goodness!

#6.          While most of my work is set in Iowa, and my family roots have grown deep there since     1865, I would never want to live permanently in Iowa. Vacations are good enough for me. Although, the people I meet there are walking characters good enough to print.

#7.          I met and became friends with Anne Perry, June 2015.
                We aren’t BF’s or anything, but we had great conversations for about a week and I got to know a good deal about her, instead of her work.

#8.          I tell everyone I hate to clean the house, but actually, cleaning the house and gardening takes me out of my head and grounds me back into reality.

#9.          The love of my life is still the love of my life.
                Guess who????

10.          I’ve written now for so many years that when I wake in the morning, I never have to decide which writing project to work on. The protagonist is the one who wakes me up.

Diane Adamson's Bio:

Published in poetry, short story, and literary criticism, D. J. Adamson won awards for her  YA work from SCBWI before publishing in 2014 her first mystery novel ADMIT TO MAYHEM, first in the Lillian Dove Mystery series. Outré, a mystery-sci-fi novel, came out early in 2015.  Outré received a 2015 Midwest Book Festival Award. She is also the editor for  Le Coeur de l’Artiste,  an online newsletter that interviews authors and reviews their work.

D. J. is Vice President for the Central Coast Sisters in Crime and Membership Director for Sisters in Crime, Los Angeles.

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