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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Introducing Veronica Giolli, author of Whispers in the Wind.

Blurb for Whispers in the Wind. Having received news that her best friend, Gina, committed suicide, Fraud Investigator Sunny Davis, returns to her childhood home, an Indian reservation in Nevada.

Her investigation draws her back into the beliefs and customs of her tribal culture. She suspects all is not as it appears. Due to her faith in its native spirits, she becomes entangled in the case’s many complications. She calls on Gina’s spirit to provide the answers.

Arriving at Gina’s home she is confronted by mysteries and secrets. Close calls and chicanery deepen the puzzle. Are dark forces waiting for her? Did she really know her friend after all? As she comes close to unraveling the riddle, false clues lead her astray.

Whispers in the Wind is a powerful portrait of grief, fear and courage- and compelling insights into Native American families.

                                                                        About the Author

Veronica Giolli has been a freelance writer for several years. Her articles “We Can Prevent Bullying” and “Bullard Racing” appeared in the Fresno Bee. She also wrote “Solving a Crime,” “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” and “Remembering a Friend.” for the Sisters in Crime Poison Pen Newsletter.  

She was a founding member of Writers of the Purple Sage Publishing Consortium in Reno, Nevada. 

She belongs to several writing groups, Sisters in Crime, and Writing for Publication.

She acquired firsthand knowledge of tribal customs and spiritual practices, while living on a reservation. This in part provided the inspiration for Whispers in the Wind.

She lives in California’s Central Valley, with Maggie, her wire-haired terrier and Gina, her blonde, Shih Tzu.

Her book is now on Amazon and Kindle. There are many Whispers in the Wind but only one purple cover, her favorite color.

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  1. Congratulations on getting published! I am looking forward to reading it.