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Monday, February 22, 2016

HAIKU DANCE by Cora Ramos

You could say I took a detour from my previous writing, when I penned a historical romance, but not really. Since I write about past lives and present loves, it evolved out of my first novel, Dance the Dream Awake.

I decided to write more about the relationship of my protagonist, Tessa, with “the one that got away,” Jack. As I began the novel of his story, the past life that emerged took over and had to be written first. 

As a samurai who loved Tessa before, this was an important part of the evolution in my writing journey. It became Haiku Dance, a sensual romance in the era of the Pillow Book and The Tale of Genji:

In 968 A.D. Japan, thirteen year old, Shino, rebellious and undisciplined, is sent away to the Tendai monks to be trained as a samurai warrior. When leaving his childhood friend Miyoshi behind, he carelessly crushes her young heart.

Years later, weary of senseless battles fought for selfish lords, Shino is thrust into the world of Heian Kyo where he finds Miyoshi once again. Now blossomed into the beautiful and charming Lady Lotus, she is courtier to the emperor’s court and soon to be betrothed to another. Finally accepting that he has always loved her, he risks everything to keep her from the fate to which she is destined but does not want, and the dangers that threaten her life. Does he dare hope for more?

If you want a glimpse of Japan in that era, visit my blog page and see the city of Heian Kyo, what a day in the life of Miyoshi might look like and what sounds could be heard.

Published through Black Opal Books, it will be available for preorder on their website on March 12. Release date on Amazon and all other outlets is March 26.

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  1. This sounds lovely.

  2. Yay! You have a release date! So exciting. Can't wait for the cake!

  3. Great cover, I am looking forward to reading it!