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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

STUN GUN 101, by Sunny Frazier

On Sept. 3, P.I. and forensic expert Myrl Stebens spoke to the San Joaquin Chapter of Sisters in Crime, Fresno.  Stebens is currently consulting on the re-opened Jonbenet Ramsey case. He has been asked to evaluate the multiple marks on the victim’s body.

He educated the group on the difference between stun guns and tasers. Stun guns can be bought over the counter; tasers are harder to obtain. Tasers have hooks on them, much like fishhooks. With a stun gun, both probes have to make contact in order for the volt to connect.

Can stun guns kill? “You would more likely die from an electrical short on a lawn mower,” said Stebbens.

Twenty years ago, at the time of Jonbenet’s death, tasers were not commercially sold. The investigation of the crime scene at the time was not, in Stebens’ mind, properly or effectively processed. Stebens explained that while he is not supporting any theories but only analyzing the evidence, he does believe two different stun guns were used, possibly indicating two different assailants. There were 14 separate groupings of marks.

In Stebens’ opinion the act was done with a high degree of anger and hatred on the part of the killer.


  1. Great recap of an excellent meeting. Mr. Stebbens is always informative and entertaining, rare in a PI!

  2. Sounds like a great learning opportunity! Interesting stuff.

  3. There are two things I seriously want to find out before I die. One is who killed President Kennedy and why. The other is who and why was Jon Benet Ramsey killed. I lived in the Denver Metropolitan area when it happened in Boulder, Colorado, not that far away. I NEVER once suspected the parents, when so many others seemed to. I'm glad they were cleared, but who did it and why? She was a pretty little girl who was way too young to have done anything bad to anyone. I enjoyed this post.

  4. Great summary! Very interesting talk. The second part with Attorney Mugridge was very informative also.

  5. Stay tuned for the second part of my article where I discuss David Mugridge's presentation.

  6. It was an excellent presentation. Good job at recapping, Sunny.