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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


 By Sunny Frazier

On June 4, Author D.J. (Diane) Adamson risked triple-digit heat to come to the San Joaquin Valley and speak to the Sisters-in-Crime.

Before I reveal her good book insights, I have to tell you how this author keeps busy. First, she writes in the morning before work. She writes about 6-8 hours a day with a goal of 2,000 words a day. Next, off to her job teaching “logical argument” at Glendale College. She puts out a newsletter and reviews books. In her “spare” time she is Vice President of the Central Coast Chapter of SinC and Membership Director of the LA Chapter.

Diane explained her easy-to-remember pneumonic device for writing a good book: REVEAL, RETHINK and RESONATE.

REVEAL: A writer should strive to show something new to readers. This could be new information or a new perspective.

RETHINK: AKA Rewriting. But also rethinking set ideas society might hold.

RESONATE: It’s important that the story, and especially the characters and their problems, produce a sense of recognition with readers. They are more involved is they can relate to what they read on the page. The need for love, reconciling the past and compulsions are some of ones she cited.  

For information on Diane’s books and online newsletter, scroll back and find the article about her.    


  1. I enjoyed the post. DJ's 3R's of a good book are interesting.

  2. I enjoyed the post. DJ's 3R's of a good book are interesting.

  3. Her 3Rs make good sense. Thanks for the post. I missed the meeting.

  4. Interesting post. Lately, I'm running into a lot of writers who have a teaching background. Teacher-to-writer sounds like a transition that makes sense. I wish I had your stamina to write a set amount daily. Maybe I'll get there.